Impetus (im·pe·tus)

(n.) the force that makes something happen or happen more quickly

What We Do

Our purpose, is to have business owners backs by project managing the growth process of building a strong management team and implementing processes that add value. By project managing initiatives, business owners can focus on how to serve their customers and clients in a way that adds value.

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The origin of value creation for any business is a clear understanding and codification of the business’ reason for being, its culture and its values. We help owners and management identify the DNA of their enterprises to facilitate the clear articulation of the purpose of the business. Who do you serve and why?


Businesses succeed or fail based on the performance of its people at every level of the organization. The opportunity for value creation is a function of culturally aligned, skilled, motivated and empowered people who are living and modeling the purpose of the business and are supported by appropriate leadership and processes. We help establish accountability at all levels of the organization to ensure a continuous focus on the purpose of the business and on the creation of value for its owners..


Value creation is enhanced by effective and documented processes that are aligned with the purpose of the business and that guide the activities of its people. We help design and implement effective business processes, including planning, operations and outcome measurement.