We uncover the elephant in you organization that is impeding growth and value creation.

A company can have the best products and services, but unless its Purpose, People, and Processes are in alignment with its vision, mission, core values and strategy, the company will struggle to generate the desired earnings and create enterprise value.   Impetus Solutions helps small business owners create a more valuable enterprise by unlocking the incremental value of the businesses. We facilitate this by assisting business leaders in three key areas:
  • Clearly identifying the purpose of the business.
  • Attracting and hiring the right people, putting them into the right positions in the organization, allowing and encouraging them to perform at their highest levels.
  • Developing processes that effectively support the achievement of organizational objectives.

Once Purpose, People and Process have been addressed, we help leadership shift the focus of all employees on value-creating activities, while identifying and clarifying solutions to real challenges, versus symptoms of those challenges.

Impetus Solutions has a knowledgeable, experienced and trusted team that delivers quality service and is committed to the success of the client. Unlike other advisory firms, we don’t just develop a report and then leave you on your own. We partner with the client to develop strategies and tactics, create and implement action plans, monitor the progress of every aspect of the strategy, analyze results and revise the strategy as necessary.

We work with business owners to identify and remove the roadblocks (that elephant in the organization!) that impede value creation by clarifying the root causes of the roadblocks. Impetus Solutions helps business owners focus on bringing life to their vision and leading their team to commit to, and execute in support of, the vision. We take a “hands on” approach in collaborating with the entire team throughout the change and growth process. We help minimize crisis-mode management and allow leadership to focus on bringing value to their customers and, thereby, add value to their businesses. Fundamentally, Impetus Solutions helps business leaders anticipate challenges to growth and profitability such that they can lead and manage proactively, rather than reactively and, as a result of this proactive focus, become strong leaders of their organization.